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Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Medicine Program

The Undergraduate Medicine Program at UNSW is a six year program and divided into three phases: scenario based learning, practice based learning and independent reflective learning.

The majority of teaching in Phase 1 of the curriculum (first 2 years) occurs on the main university's Kensington campus and includes lectures, small group work, tutorials and practical classes held in laboratories. During this Phase, every two weeks, clinical sessions are held in hospitals.

In Phase 2 of the program (next 2 years), the clinical sessions held in hospitals increase to 3 days per week.

Campus teaching (lectures, small group work, tutorials and practical classes) are held on the other 2 days per week at the Kensington campus. Phase 2 also includes the Independent Learning Project. In this unique learning experience, students undertake a supervised research project of their choosing.

In Phase 3 of the program (final 2 years), almost all teaching is conducted in hospitals. This incudes bedside tutorials, classroom tutorials, ward rounds and attendance at clinics. Lectures held on the main university campus also form part of the teaching program in this Phase.

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