Health & Safety Committee

The Clinical Campus H&S Committee consists of the Head of Campus as Management representative, an elected Chairperson and worker Representatives for various areas.
Meetings are held quarterly. If you wish to raise a health or safety matter, please raise the issue with your local H&S Representative (see representative list below) or contact the Chairperson or the Secretary.

H&S Committee Representatives

Representative Name Contact
Chairperson Ms Shinoo Swapnil Ext.31326
Secretary Ms Carolyn Green Ext.32036
Management Representative: Professor Michael Grimm, Clinical Associate Dean Ext.32992
Worker Representatives:    
Laboratory & research areas:    
Cancer Care Dr Julia Beretov/Dr Kevin Ni Ext.32974
Gastroenterology Mr Michal Szczesniak Ext.33878
Haematology Dr Halina Leung Ext.32591
Immunology Dr Jian Cheng Qi Ext.32976
Laboratory Facility L2 Dr Lan Gong Ext.31350
Laboratory Facility L3 Ms Shinoo Swapnil Ext.31326
Spine Service Vacant Ext.
Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research Vacant Ext.
Surgery Mrs Samina Badar Ext.32025
Teaching areas/Student matters:    
Clinical Teaching Unit/Student rep - St George Ms Claudia Metcalf Ext.32709
Clinical Teaching Unit/Student rep - Sutherland Ms Susan Nicholls Ext.37597
UNSW Medicine H&S Co-ordinator Ms Giulia Oss Teams: 93856143
Health Safety & Wellbeing Advisor Mr Peter Hedger Ext. 
Radiation Safety Officer Dr Jian Cheng Qi Ext.32976


Recent H&S Minutes