Work Health & Safety

The St George and Sutherland Clinical School aims to provide a health and safe work environment for all people who work, study or visit either the St George or Sutherland hospital location for which we manage. 

The school is committed to meeting the requirements of the UNSW Health & Safety policy and implementing the aims and strategies. All UNSW Work Health and Safety Policies, Procedures and Forms are available on the UNSW H&S website.

This section will assist you with the School's and University's Health and Safety processes and provides links to various health and safety resources. Click on a link below to expand the relevant section.


Work Health & Safety

Health & Safety Committee

The Clinical School H&S Committee consists of the Head of School as Management representative, an elected Chairperson and worker Representatives for various areas.
Meetings are held quarterly. If you wish to raise a health or safety matter, please raise the issue with your local H&S Representative (see representative list below) or contact the Chairperson or the Secretary.

H&S Committee Representatives

Representative Name Contact
Chairperson Ms Shinoo Swapnil/Ms Shudi Tang Ext. 32975
Secretary Ms Marina Margarian Ext.32036
Management Representative: Professor Michael Grimm, Clinical Associate Dean Ext. 32992
Worker Representatives:    
Laboratory & research areas:    
Cancer Care Dr Julia Beretov/Dr Kevin Ni Ext. 32974
Gastroenterology Mr Michal Szczesniak Ext. 31159
Haematology Dr Halina Leung Ext. 31915
Immunology Dr Jian Cheng Qi Ext. 32405
Laboratory Facility L2 Dr Lan Gong Ext. 32975
Laboratory Facility L3 Ms Shinoo Swapnil Ext. 32591
Spine Service Vacant Ext.
Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research Vacant Ext. 32748
Surgery Mrs Samina Badar Ext.
Teaching areas/Student matters:    
Clinical Teaching Unit/Student rep - St George Vacant Ext: 32022
Clinical Teaching Unit/Student rep - Sutherland Ms Susan Nicholls Ext. 37597
UNSW Medicine H&S Co-ordinator Ms Giulia Oss  
Health Safety & Wellbeing Advisor Mr Peter McMechan Ext. 32516
Radiation Safety Officer Dr Erin Mckay Ext. 33130/107


Recent H&S Minutes

Emergency Response & First Aid

Important phone numbers

  • Internal emergency at St George Hospital or Sutherland Hospital dial 2222.
  • St George Hospital Security - 9113 3100 or x 31000


First Aid

The Clinical School has a number of First Aid Officers to administer First Aid treatment within the buildings occupied by STGCL staff and students.

School Office, Level 2 Pitney Building
Vacant Level 2, Administrative Assistant  
Research Facility, Research & Education Centre
Level 2 and 3 - Ms Shinoo Swapnil / Technical Assistant   Ext. 32994
Clinical Teaching Unit, St George
Clinical Teaching Unit, Sutherland
Ms Susan Nicholls Education Support Assistant Ext. 37597


Evacuation Procedure

In case of an emergency follow the emergency procedures poster displayed by the lift on each floor.

Follow the emergency procedure as shown at induction.

Risk Management Forms & Safe Work Procedures

For managing all aspects of safety, incidents, site inspections, hazard reporting and management, click on the link to access WHS Monitor

Please direct any enquiries to the H&S Committee.


WHS training for new staff

Any person working at the St George and Sutherland Clinical School must be inducted into the school and laboratory Policy and Procedures by their supervisor.

This applies to volunteers, visiting workers, contractors, students and staff. The level of training required will depend on the type of work, experience and expected length of stay at the university.

Futher Information - NSW Staff Training page