Sutherland Hospital Students

Hospital ID Cards

Students from all years are to wear their Sutherland ID Badge at all times when on the Sutherland hospital premises.
Information on how to obtain a Hospital ID Card can be obtained from the Sutherland Clinical Teaching Unit Student Office.

Access card

Phase 2 and Phase 3 students allocated to Sutherland will be issued an access card which allows them entry to the Na Mawa Cottage, ED, Medical Library and other locations as needed.  
Access cards must be returned to the Clinical Teaching Unit towards the end of the academic year.

Hospital Registration

At the start of each teaching period for certain courses (please refer below for the relevant courses), students are required to do hospital registration as part of the ClinConnect requirement. To do the hospital registration, please present yourself at the Clinical Teaching Unit with your UNSW Student ID card.

Below are the relevant courses for which students must do their Hospital Registration:

Phase 1 – All courses

Phase 2 – Adult Health 1, Adult Health 2, Oncology and Palliative Care, Aged Care & Rehab and Society and Health

Phase 3 – Medicine, Surgery, Emergency/Selective, Selective, PRINT, Elective (if it is undertaken at St George Hospital), O&G, Paediatrics & Psychiatry

Facilities for students

Computing Facilities

All Sutherland students have access to computers with internet access. The computers are located in the Sutherland Hospital Medical Library, located on Level 4, of the Main Hospital building or in the Clinical Teaching Unit.  Printing is also available with certain conditions and limitations.

Please be aware of the rules relating to use of computing and electronic communication policies available from the UNSW web.

Library Facilities

The Sutherland Hospital Medical Library is located on Level 4, of the Main Hospital building. The Library can be contacted on 9540 7346.

Student Common Room

The student common room is located in Na Mawa Cottage. There is a kitchen with fridge for student use.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the facilities are kept tidy at all times.  The Clinical Teaching Unit Student Office should be kept informed of any maintenance issues.


There are limited lockers available located both inside and outside of the Student Common Room and are issued by the Clinical Teaching Unit Students Office on a "first come – first serve" basis.
Lockers keys must be returned to the Clinical Teaching Unit at the end of student’s allocation to Sutherland Hospital.


Pagers may be requested and available on a case by case basis. For more information, please contact Clinical Teaching Unit Student Office.

Car Parking

Parking is not available for students at the Sutherland Hospital. Parking arrangements are currently under review and further information will be posted when available.

How to Get to Sutherland Hospital

Public Transport

Sutherland Hospital is a 10 minute walk from either Caringbah or Miranda Railway stations (see map).


Sutherland Hospital is located in Caringbah, a suburb in Southern Sydney about 26 kilometres south of the Sydney Central Business District.

There is limited free parking available in the surrounding streets near the hospital.

Also see: Building Location


Transport Map Sutherland