Phase 1

For detailed information about Phase 1, please visit the UNSW Medicine website.

Phase 1 teaching activities at the St George and Sutherland Clinical School are managed by the St George Clinical Teaching Unit.

St George Clinical Teaching Unit is responsible for organising phase 1 clinical skill sessions.  Most of the sessions are based at St George Hospital though a small number of classes are conducted at Sutherland Hospital.

Clinical skills sessions occur every second week during phase 1.  During these sessions, students will focus on understanding the impact of the illness on patients and developing skills to gather information, using both medical history and physical examination.

In the clinical skills session’s students will have the opportunity to interact with real patients in the clinical environment and gain insight into the nature of medical practice in a major hospital.

For enquiries on phase 1 Clinical Skills Sessions at St George and Sutherland Clinical School please contact St George Clinical Teaching Unit Student Office