Emergency Response & First Aid

Important phone numbers

  • Internal emergency at St George Hospital or Sutherland Hospital dial 2222.
  • St George Hospital Security - 9113 3100 or x 31000


First Aid

The Clinical School has a number of First Aid Officers to administer First Aid treatment within the buildings occupied by STGCL staff and students.

School Office, Level 2 Pitney Building
Vacant Level 2, Administrative Assistant  
Research Facility, Research & Education Centre
Level 2 and 3 - Ms Shinoo Swapnil / Technical Assistant   Ext. 32994
Clinical Teaching Unit, St George
Clinical Teaching Unit, Sutherland
Ms Susan Nicholls Education Support Assistant Ext. 37597


Evacuation Procedure

In case of an emergency follow the emergency procedures poster displayed by the lift on each floor.

Follow the emergency procedure as shown at induction.