Conjoint appointments


St George & Sutherland Clinical School welcomes conjoint applications from our teachers and researchers in hospitals and community practice who make a significant contribution to UNSW Medicine in the form of medical student teaching, research, participation in student examinations/assessments, service on Faculty committees or any other activity which is part of the business of UNSW Medicine. The notional quantity of contribution would be a minimum of 30 hours per year across any of those activities.

Why become a conjoint?

UNSW Medicine recognises the valuable contribution of staff and encourages a broad range of clinicians, medical, allied health, scientists and nursing staff to apply. Appointment as a conjoint offers official recognition and inclusion into the UNSW academic community as well as other benefits. These include an academic title; access to university email, library platform and discounted software licenses. In addition, conjoint staff have the ability to put ethics applications through the University, and are eligible for University based grants and awards.

Application process and re-appointments

Step 1 - Visit the UNSW Medicine Information for Conjoint webpage and download the application form.

Read through the following policies listed on that page:

  • General Principles for Conjoint Appointments
  • Guidelines for Appointment and Promotion Levels as a Conjoint
  • UNSW Code of Conduct

Before applying for a position, please ensure you are able to commit to the minimum teaching and/or time requirements as outlined in the Guidelines for Appoitment document. Please note the minimum time committment at Associate Lecturer level begins at several hours per week of various interactions with students and UNSW.

Step 2 - Return your completed and signed application form, together with an up to date CV to the main Clinical School office.

Please note that Associate Lecturer appointments are valid for one year and after this time staff will need to re-apply. The school reviews all conjoint appointments on a yearly basis.

Approval & Notification

  • All applications are reviewed by the Head of School. Once approved, your application will be forwarded to the Faculty Conjoint Appointments Committee for consideration.
  • You will receive notification of your appointment directly from UNSW Medicine. The process can take approximately 4-6 weeks.
  • You will also hear from the Clinical School office and Clinical Teaching Unit regarding your appointment and teaching availability.


Please ensure you have read the Guidelines for Appointment and Promotion Levels document on the Medicine conjoints page.

Follow the Application process outlined above and select 'Promotion' on the application form. Please note you may be required to meet with the Head of School. Promotions can by applied for at any time of the year.


As part of their candidature, conjoint staff are required to include the St George & Sutherland Clinical School, UNSW in their affiliation on all peer reviewed publications. This includes any books, chapters, journal articles, conference papers etc. As a conjoint staff member, publications which include your name will automatically flow through to the University's online research database - the Research Outputs System (ROS).

If you have any questions or technical issues regarding ROS, please contact the administration team in the Clinical School office.